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How to make miniature fondant lego blocks video tutorial

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Miniature cake topper - tutorial

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Question about esculìdas cakes

Hello everyone, I have a question on how to line a cake sculpted in 3D as it is the first time I’m going to do one, and I wonder if I should use enough fondant as to fall under the top or wrap by side if too big? Someone could help me?

Love heart pattern cake board video tutorial

Caker Shirt!

Hi All!!! Not sure if anyone will see this, but I just had to share that only for the next few days will this shirt I created still be for sale!!! It is perfect for people who love cake, puns and/or BOTH! haha Any profits I make will go towards...

Baking a Website

Just thought I’d write a quick blog about my new website. I used to be a Graphic Designer and I designed my last website over 3 years ago. It had got really dated and I wanted a much fresher modern look. I’ve never done web design before and I...

Copyright Character Cakes - a glimmer of hope for options??

Hello Cakers. We all know the copyright brew-haha is not a new issue, it is now as it has always been. But what hasn’t been done (or even attempted!) yet… Is us cakers standing UNITED as a massive collective and asking the big brand owners; WHY...

CakesDecor Theme: Handbag Cakes

One of my favourite cake themes, Handbags!! – It’s truly amazing when a cake artist can re-create them to look incredibly realistic. Handbag and Purse cakes are very versatile, the design possibilities with this theme are endless!! I love...

How it all began

So here it is, my blog! I dont know much about “blogging” but thought I would give it a go!! I am often asked how I got into cake decorating in the first place! It’s something I often think about as it was quite by chance. In 1992 I completed...

Cakes by Raewyn Video Tutorials #4: How to Cover a Cake Board with Paper

Trying to save time and/or money on your board treatments? I cover my boards with wrapping paper, scrap booking papers, contact even wallpaper! Pretty much anything that coordinates with my cake and really shows it off. As long as you...