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Perfect consistency cannoli cream

We are not sure if anyone will need this tutorial, but we know we would have loved to have had one. After several disasterous cannoli filling attempts, we finally figured out the perfect blend. If we can help just one person avoid wasting a...

Pillow cake tutorial

This is a pillow cake for a 50th birthday. The shoe is made of fondant/gumpaste and completely edible. We two-toned the fondant with purple on the bottom and biege on top with white royal accents. 10 inch and 6 inch tiers are of yellow cake...

How we made Goofy out of Fondant/gumpaste

This is our first attempt at an iconic character. We were pretty happy with the results!We couldn’t find any help on line, so this is how we made our goofy. We hope it can help! First always make your colors in estimated sizes so that...