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In this feature length special episode of Yeners Cake Tips, I make a special Smurfette cake for my grand daughter’s birthday. I show you how I make the 3D mushroom and how to model Smurfette and all her features. The downloadable course...


Sometimes, when creating decorations, we need to use some sort of holders to dry things in the shape that we want. For example, we can create a dome shape using a bowl. There are some products on the market for this purpose and or course, we...


Sugar figure

Christmas babies

Videos in French sorry I do not speak English, but my hands speak for me;)

How To Decorate A 3-D Snowman Cake

This is the perfect season to create a snowman cake. So grab a cup of hot chocolate and prepare to bring this adorable cake to life. The finished cake has royal icing snowflakes, sanding sugar snow, and a mischievous snowman dressed with a top...

Fondant Cake Toppers #11: Finding Nemo Caketopper Tutorial

Easy x-mas reindeer

An easy tutorial for this x-mas :)

Tutorial Hello Kitty #2: how to make HELLO KITTY doing surf

Chocolate Rose without tools

For full Tutorial and Modeling Chocolate recipe and Tips visit my Facebook page at Check out other Tutorials….New tutorials coming soon.

Modelling Chocolate - UK Recipe and tutorial

Hi everyone! I have worked with Modelling Chocolate (referred to as M/C throughout this article) many times over the past few months, trying to find the perfect recipe, and the best ways to use it. I have encountered many wonderful results, but...