Adding Silhouettes to a cake

Adding Silhouettes to a cake.
I wanted several dancers around edge of my cake firstly I googled to find appropriate pictures and sized them accordingly and cut out. (Check them against the height of your cake.)
Black sugar paste was mixed with a little tylose powder, wrapped in cling film and left for at least an hour.
Pieces of waxed paper were cut so the silhouettes could sit comfortably on each one then taped down to a board.
The black sugar paste was flattened slightly then run through a pasta machine not too thinly though I took it to a number 4. You could easily do this with a small rolling pin but the pasta machine helps get a nice uniform thickness.
A piece of paste big enough for each silhouette was cut and placed on each piece of wax paper. The paste was left to dry for 10 -15 minutes (make sure you remove paper silhouettes so they don’t stick!)
Place paper Silhouettes cut out are back on top of the paste and cut around using a craft knife.
Excess paste is removed then go around the edges again to ensure that all rough edges are removed.
Wax paper can now be removed from the board and edible glue added to the paste silhouette.
Gently peel away the bottom of the wax paper and lightly place against the cake.
While wax paper is still attached press the rest of the silhouette into place.
The rest of the wax paper can now be gently removed pulling up from the bottom.
Check silhouette is securely in place and you’re all done!
Hope that’s helpful please and any questions please let me know.
The completed cake is in my cake album there is also a tutorial to make the silhouette topper on my Facebook page.

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Thank you for sharing! :)

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Thank you :)

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Thank you – I’m going to make some silhouettes for my daughter-in-law’s baby shower!

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lovely tutorial!

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Thanks for sharing! Great tutorial :-)

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Thanks for the lovely comments, hope its useful x