Ciccio's Best Ever Carrot Cake Recipe...never fail...great texture...holds well

makes 2x 12" cakes aprox 2" high, a very moist cake that is easy sliced, gorgeous texture, actually better 2 days after it has been baked

4.5 cups Vegetable Oil ( I use Soya oil)
6 cups Raw sugar
12 Eggs
6 cups Flour
4 tsp Baking Powder
2 tsp Baking Soda
2 Tbsp Salt
2 Tbsp Cinnamon
1 cup Walnuts roughly chopped
9 cups Carrots peeled & finely grated

Line your pans with baking paper & spray with cooking spray (I use Bakels Sprink)

Sift the Flour, Baking Powder, Baliong Soda, Salt & Cinnamon & set aside
In a mixer with paddle attachment (or by hand using whisk) beat the Oil, Sugar & eggs until creamy,
add the dry ingredients & mix until just combined. Fold through the carrot & Walnuts until well combined,
split cake batter accross the 2 prepared 12" pans & Bake @ 180C for aproximately 1 hour test with skewer that it comes out smooth, cool on bench then wrap in clingfilm overnight in the fridge

Then use our cream cheese frosting recipe

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ClearlyCake ...

I love carrot cake and usually use Delia Smith’s Ultimate Carrot Cake with Marcarpone Cream. That uses pecans rather than walnuts, but I’ll have to give your one a go too, as it looks delicious!! Helenna x

Ciccio ...

Thanks for your comment Helenna after 300 views I was wondering what was wrong with no comments

Natasha Shomali ...

brides to be in the uk are loving carrot cake as an alternative to fruit cake for weddings (i love them both) so thanks for sharing it is appreciated x

Ciccio ...

Thanks Tasha

Eat Cake ...

Looks and sounds delicious Jo, will try it next time someone requests carrot cake!

Ciccio ...

Thanks Kerry

Calli Creations ...

Ooohhh yummy Jo!! Thank you so much for this… I love trying new recipes and I adore carrot cake xxx

Ciccio ...

Thanks Calli, you’ll love this one texture you can almost use for carving as it doesn’t cumble

Raewyn Read Cake Design ...

Hi Jo here I am! I promise if ever anyone wants me to make them a carrot cake I’ll use this one…I don’t understand the desire to put sultanas in salads, apricot in chicken and carrots in cake, but I know I’m in the weird minority ;) This does look delicious… don’t want to share a yummy banana cake recipe do you?? haha!! :) xxx

Ciccio ...

Love it Raewyn….now sultanas in salads is just down right creepy…….but I suppose you don’t like Pumpkin Pie either my personal favourite, but my grandmother was Canadian so we were bought up on the stufff… I feel like Pumpkin Pie

Sugarpixy ...

Looks delish, I will have to try it this week!

Make Pretty Cakes ...

I want to make this cake! ps – I’m such a cake nerd, I was admiring your perfectly lined cake tins too, heehee. xoxo

Ciccio ...

Thanks Nina…Love the term Cake Nerd…I’m definitely one of them!! ….. Thanks about the lined tins I get that alot form reps walking through kitchen…it’s the only way I know who to line pans

Kate ...

Hmmmm. Jo, those pans don’t look lined. Well, not like any kind of lining I’ve seen before!! Hahaha ;) Very nice work. Cake sounds delish – I looove carrot cake but don’t make it in my business as there’s something evil about having to grate that many carrots… I suppose I could invest in a food processor. Oh, the mod cons. Ok, I’m so digressing. Looks and sounds yum, can’t wait to give it a go! Thanks for sharing!

Oh, and Rae – how can you not like sultanas in salad??? Mmm, that burst of sweetness is soooo good! Especially in a bulgar wheat salad or a rice salad. Yum. Now I want Apricot chicken with a side of rice salad. And Pumpkin Pie for dessert. Although I’d have to come to your place for it Jo as I have no idea how to make it… In fact, I’ve never even tried it but – sweet pumpkin and spiciness? I’m all over it!

Kate x

Ciccio ...

Thanks Kate it’s well worth grating carrots for this and Kate I You want to make pumpkin pie use this recipe my Grandmothers handed down in family, there is no better dessert…EVER