Handmade dummy

Hi all, lovely peps!
I was planning to make a three tier dummy cake, but I only
had two styrofoam dummies.
So I thought to do myself another one.
I also think that a similar method could be used to enlarge or to extend dummies you already have got.

You will need:
thin cardboard
bubble wrap
scotch tape

Choose the height and the diameter of your dummy-to-be (to have a cylinder 10 cm diameter and 7.5 height, I cut a strip 7.5 cm height and 122 cm lenght out of the cardboard, and a strip 30 cm height 122 cm lenght out of the bubble wrap).

Fold twice on itself the bubble wrap, to have the same height of the cardboard, and secure with scotch tape.

Add the cardboard strip and secure once again, both sides.

Tightly roll the thick strip and secure the end with some scotch tape.

You can add further strips, if needed.

Cut a circle 10 cm diameter out of the cardboard and secure it onto the cylinder you just got, with some scotch.

Press a little bit to level and you’re done! Almost perfectly done!

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Clara - I don't eat cakes


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June ("Clarky's Cakes") ...

Very clever and inventive Clara!!!

Monikine torty ( Cakes by Monika) ...

Perfect idea Clara !

Daphne ...

Super idea, Clara! ❤️

Asya Vencheva ...

Super idea,Clara!

claudiamarcel ...

Great idea Clara!!

Bobbie ...

Awesome idea!!

Elli Warren ...

Brilliant idea!! Your so clever! :-) x

Sandra Smiley ...

My goodness, Clara, how did you ever learn all of these things! What a great trick! I love that you can make the dummy exactly the size you need, so not tied to the standard dimensions! Thanks!

Raquel García ...

Ohhhh una gran idea Clara!!!!😍😍😍

The Garden Baker ...

Thank you, Clara, for such a great and useful idea!

Gâteau de Luciné ...

Wow,so clever !!!!!

Nanna Lyn Cakes ...

Great idea, thanks Clara

Lallacakes ...

Idea formidabile!!!! Grazie Clara!!!👍👏😎😍

Galito ...

Thanks 😘😘😘😘

Tortolandia ...

Great idea!