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Hello, everybody.

Baking tortes is my big hobby. I am making them for the members of my family and closesest relates. I began so after my daughter ' s wedding, when I was trying to find a special cake for this special day.

So I searched the internet and found marvellous masterpieces. Whereas I like to paint, knitt and do the fancywork, it inspired me to create something like that on my own. First opportunity to fulfil my desire was my mother 's birthday five years ago, when I created my first marchpane cake.

It always makes me happy, when there is an occasion to bake a cake for someone.

I love to try new techniques I ' ve already tried several, like modelling, preparing comestible lace, naked cakes, decorating cookies with king glazure – my first cookies I only made last december.

I would also like to try to prepare the painted cakes, edible wafer paper flowers or 3D tortes. I am only an amateur, a self-taught person, I didn ' t attend any courses, therefore I am very grateful to all the skillfull artists, who share their knowledge over the internet.

Thank you for every new idea and inspiration.♥

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