homemade silicone mold #1: tutorial

two brands of food safe FDA approved silicone mold I use . I buy this two from Michael’s using 40-50% coupons.

The box comes with two different colored component.

varieties of knick knacks one may use to make a silicone mold impression :)

hunt around your house for a “dish” deep enough to hold the mold you’re planning to make. It doesn’t have to be fancy, even a disposable container cover will do :)

take equal amount of each silicone component, knead together until mixture is of uniform color, place mixture in a “dish”

press the object to be molded face down into the silicone mixture

let “cure” for 25 minutes or per package direction

to remove cured silicone mold from the “dish”, run a thin knife along the edges, it should freely fall off the dish, if this doesn’t happen, gently tug at the edges of the cured silicone mold and pull it off the dish. To remove molded object off the silicone mold, bend the cured mold backwards, the molded object will gently “pop” off the silicone mold,..and voila,..you now have a homemade silicone mold :)

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cheryl arme ...

thank you!

Michal Bulla ...

Great tutorial, thanks for posting ;)

Darla ...

I never knew you could make your own molds, thanks for sharing!

couturecakesbyrose ...

Welcome Y’all :)

Making your own silicone molds are such a great money saver,..I will be attempting to make silicone lace molds as well and I will post it here too as soon as I’m done :)

Valley Kool Cakes (well half of it~Tara) ...

Thank you, I can`t wait to try this!!! I am anxious to see the lace molds!

Tali ...

Thank you so much for this awesome tutorial Rose!

3DSweets ...

Thank you so much – I had NO idea it was this easy!!

couturecakesbyrose ...

You’re all welcome :) I learned to do this last year (a few months after I made my first decorated cake)..since then, I have been obsessed about everything cake related,.silicone molds are very expensive so I thought to myself-Is there a way to reduce the cost-I did found ways by googling “how to make silicone mold” but the materials are still quite expensive,..then Mayen posted on her page about the “yellow tinge” silicone putty from Michael’s,..I went and bought what they had on stock then-the purple tinge one- using my 50% off coupon and I have been hooked since,..I made my first silicone mold back in September last year,..I stock up on silicone supplies when Michael’s has the 50% coupon (it reduces the cost down to less than $11.00 per box).

I will be making lace molds too but I am awaiting one more “ingredient” from the mail :)
I’ll make a picture tutorial of that too and post it here

When my hubby realized what I was doing-sharing what I know…he said “why share your trade secret?” I told him this is not my trade secret,..I learned this from the community of people who was willing to share their knowledge and expertise to newbies like me…and I call this “paying forward”

Justsweet ...

thank you

Glais ...

i love …you tutoring because the silicone mold are the best for cake and are vey expensive .in this way i an make my mold…
More one time Thanks for share…;0)

Valley Kool Cakes (well half of it~Tara) ...

I got some today and the cutest button, I am hoping to try tonight. I will let you know how it goes =)

couturecakesbyrose ...

caking friends,..here’s a few more pointers to make sure that your first attempt in making homemade silicone molds will be successful..

if you’re going to make button silicone molds, you can also use those round cutters for the “dish”..place the round cutters on a piece of parchment paper or board, push your silicone mixture down to the bottom until it is flat then press your button to be molded face down to the silicone mixture,..press it hard enough to create a cavity that’s about 1.5 the depth of the original item you’re trying to make a mold of.

this tutorial did not use a sealant for the objects being molded because I only used very inexpensive pieces of metal jewelries. some are $1.00 a piece I got on sale from Michael’s :) I do not recommend using one of your expensive piece of jewelry to make a mold of as you run the risks of ruining that item,..if you must create a mold of your treasured piece of jewelry or any valuable items, use a sealant to protect the said item. sealant can be found on makeyourownmolds.com and cost $9.00 for an 8 oz container.

Aida Martinez ...

Great tutorial. I going to try this. Thanks so much for sharing.

couturecakesbyrose ...

I hope this tutorial do help y’all :) if you have any question, just ask awaya and I’ll be more than happy to answer :)

couturecakesbyrose ...


1. Using a “dish” will allow you to create a silicone mold that’s flat underneath.

(A silicone mold that sits flat on your work area is easier to work with when making a sugar impression)

2. place the object to be molded face down into the silicone mixture at least 1/4 inch apart from each other and press down to create a cavity that’s about 1.5 the depth of the object being molded. leave the object in place (don’t attempt to remove the object until silicone is cured)

feel free to ask me questions :) I’ll be more than happy to answer y’all :)