Comment homemade silicone mold #1: tutorial

couturecakesbyrose ...

You’re all welcome :) I learned to do this last year (a few months after I made my first decorated cake)..since then, I have been obsessed about everything cake related,.silicone molds are very expensive so I thought to myself-Is there a way to reduce the cost-I did found ways by googling “how to make silicone mold” but the materials are still quite expensive,..then Mayen posted on her page about the “yellow tinge” silicone putty from Michael’s,..I went and bought what they had on stock then-the purple tinge one- using my 50% off coupon and I have been hooked since,..I made my first silicone mold back in September last year,..I stock up on silicone supplies when Michael’s has the 50% coupon (it reduces the cost down to less than $11.00 per box).

I will be making lace molds too but I am awaiting one more “ingredient” from the mail :)
I’ll make a picture tutorial of that too and post it here

When my hubby realized what I was doing-sharing what I know…he said “why share your trade secret?” I told him this is not my trade secret,..I learned this from the community of people who was willing to share their knowledge and expertise to newbies like me…and I call this “paying forward”