Vintage Chinese Fan by Sweet Blossom Cakes

1.Here is a picture with all the materials needed.

2. Roll out your pink fondant on a non stick surface.

3. Cut out a large fluted round with a fluted round cutter.

4. Now cut out atleast 1/3 of the round leaving a fan shape.

5. Now indent the fan with a smaller plain edge round cutter.

6. Now using a knife or craft knife, indent lines with equal gaps like show in the picture.

7. Now using the “smiley tool” create indents like in the pic.

8. Now we will need some pearl dragees. Apply them like shown in the next pic.

9. Now using a bow mould, create a bow with Sugarflair Eucalyptus coloured fondant and stick it to the fan.

Hope you liked this tutorial:)

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Sameera from Sweet Blossom Cakes,


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Goreti ...

Thanks for sharing. It is very pretty.

Michal Bulla ...

Very nice, thanks for posting ;)

Ciccio ...

cute thanks for sharing

Sweet Blossom Cakes ...

You are welcome!

Fun Fiesta Cakes ...

Very pretty – I’m sure I’ll try it on one of my cakes.

Naomi.H. ...

ever so cute would look amazing on some cupcakes..

KatriensCakes ...

Lovely fan, and so easy to make, thank you.

Anita ...

So pretty. Thanks for sharing.

Stav ...

came across this whilst looking for a tutorial that I had seen few years back. Thank you very helpful, although apart from the bow, looks like what Salon Glace, had done few years before you.