Petal cake tutorial

This is my first time doing a tutorial, I hope you guys like and it find it helpful! Please let me know if you have any questions.

First, you will need some materials
- fondant
- a ball tool
- foam pad
- rose petal cutter (or any oval/round petal cutter would work)
- veining mat

Roll out your fondant until very thin, about the same as you would do if making a flower

This is how thin I rolled mine out. If its too think it will be hard to frill the edges

Use the cutter to cut out as many petals as you can fit in your fondant

Use the veiner to vein each petal. This is optional but I liked the look and texture it gave

Place each petal on your foam mat to frill

Using the ball too, frill the edges of the petal. Just use a circular motion on the very edges and dont press too hard or it will tear.

Finished petal

Attach the petal to the cake, starting at the bottom and working your way around, then up. I attached it to buttercream so I didnt need any glue or water. If you are attaching to fondant, or your buttercream has already crusted, use a small dab of piping gel or water only to the top of the petal

Finished with all the petals

I used a mixture of petal dust and luster dust on the petals after they were attached to give depth and color to it. This was for a mermaid cake to resemble the tail so I wanted it to have a shimmery look.

The finished cake!

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Michal Bulla ...

Thanks for posting!

Laura Jabri ...

thanks for this great tutorial !!!

FiasCreations ...

Thank you for posting this Helpful Tutorial :)

Blanca ...

awesome !

Carolina Cardoso ...

Great tutorial! Thank you!

Anne-Marie ...

Thank you for sharing!

lw54719 ...

great tutorial!!!absolutely beautiful!!!

DolceSofia ...

Thanks for the great tutorial! :)

Frostilicious Cakes & Cupcakes ...

Thank you so much..beautiful cake!

RockinLayers ...

Thank you for the tutorial. I am about to try one of these and wanted to be sure what I had in my head as the way to go about doing this, was correct. :) I’m going to try to tackle this one. Did you let the petals dry or did you attach them right away?

Sarah F ...

@RockinLayers – I attached them right away, about 10-15 at a time. It was easier for them to stick when they are wet and I was able to make some movement if needed with them which can’t be done if they are too dry. Good luck!

RockinLayers ...

Thank you :)

Liz ...

Thanks for posting…I’m looking forward to having a go with this :0)