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Quick mini Rose Tutorial

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Bonus Sugar Rose to Ultimate Level: Adding the Calyx and Rose Hip

I you on the previous post “Take Your Sugar Rose to Ultimate Level with wired Petals” to add a bonus video: adding calyx and rose hips. Generally in a finished spray the calyx and rose hips are only sightly visible on an open rose or a fully...

How to make rose with circle cutters.

Hello, here is tutorial i made how to make rose with circle cutters and spoon instead of ball-tool. TFL.

Rose gumpaste

MelinArt's Ruffle Rose

As I love Ruffles,this is something that I came up with and I want to share with you. For more Tutorials visit my Facebook page. Thank You.

Rose tutorial for cupcakes

Chocolate Rose without tools

For full Tutorial and Modeling Chocolate recipe and Tips visit my Facebook page at Check out other Tutorials….New tutorials coming soon.

How to make a Briar rose

This is the way I make Briar roses. For full Tutorial visit my Facebook page at New tutorials coming soon.

Mini rose tutorial

This is a tutorial showing you how to create mini roses perfect for cupcakes. Easy and simple to make.

Simple Rose tutorial

Rose Tutorial Part 1 Ingredients and Tools (What I use) ½ a pack of 750 gram Pack Bakels Pettinice Ivory or White With added ½ a teaspoon of Tylose (leave wrapped in cling film overnight to mature) A Large Snaplock Glad Bag (cut...