Flower Paste Orchid Tutorial

I love orchids of all kinds, they have majestic beauty. Depending on the size of the orchid (there are around 25,000- 35,000 species of orchids), they can be a filler flower or the focus flower on wedding cake.

In this case I have taken tiny orchid, the Spathoglottis orchid and designed an asian inspired cookie with sugar paste bamboo trim.

All orchids have the same parts a column, anther cap, later petals, sepal…

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Bobbie Bakes


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Toni (White Crafty Cakes) ...

Thank you so much Bobbie!! I love orchids too, and have 5 of them sitting on my window sill all in full bloom right now! Your orchids are every bit as lovely!!

Cakemummy ...

They’re gorgeous! Thanks!