Spongebob Square Pants

A long time freind asked for a Spongebob Square pants cake for her sons 6th birthday. I had orginally discussed with my freind about making a flat/laying down spongebob cake. But when it came to making the cake I couldnt do it flat I HAD to have it sitting up.
Lesson learnt doing this?? DO NOT do a cake when you only have half a kitchen ( long story LOL ) or when half asleep…I also learnt how to use an cordless drill as a screw driver ( dumb I know but I WAS EXCITED! ) previously I was screwing the dowel to the cake board by hand…was killing my wrist LOL And the first time making a little balloon :)

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He turned out great! I love that you also tell the story behind the making of the cake! I also get excited when I learn how to use a new power tool too! LOL!

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Spongebob Square Pants