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This is another very last minute cake I made for my Indian neighbor celebrating Diwali. Just a night before the eve of Diwali, my neighbor came knocking at my door and asked for a big favor if I could make a cake for her as the cake she ordered from else where wasn’t enough to feed her guest. As usual, I couldn’t say no. I was in action and had no time to loose as soon as my neighbor left. I couldn’t do any research nor had time to sketch out my work so I decided to take in the idea of my recent visit to Little India. I quickly made 2 sugar clay lights and prepare my black royal icing. The next morning I bake 2 cakes, covered with fondant and stack them up. The challenge began when I have to pipped my royal icing free handedly looking like Henna!! Goodness..it was so challenging and finally my pipping work on the whole cake was finished after 7 hours!! I’ve totally forgotten that my neighbor requested a yellow cake and my cake was white with black pipped out work!!! I quickly picked up a smallest brush I had and painted my cake with yellow edible color and try to cover up those white spots in yellow…lol!! Cake was delivered at 10.30pm on the eve of Dewali. I wasn’t sure if it was a nightmare for me but definitely another unforgettable experience!! Here is a Henna inspired cake celebrating the ‘Festival of Light’, wishing all Hindu’s a very Happy Diwali!!

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Fifi's Cakes ...

Oh my goodness!! what a cake and what a STORY!! You deserve a gold medal for getting this awesome cake done at such short notice. And that fabulous freehand piping! Shows how very gifted you are. Laughed at the yellow painting!! brilliant recovery!. This gets top marks from me! :0) xx

Sabah ...

Wow!! what a story! your lucky neighbour :-) Amazing effort painting in the gaps-well done!

TheHandyBaker ...

I think it is gorgous!

Calli Creations ...

Joyce, you know how much I love your work… I have run out of things to say about this incredible design…. you are so versatile in your designs and each one so perfectly finished!!! LOVE YOU!!!!!!!! xxxx

Deema ...

that’s one of the most incredible Henna inspired cakes I have ever seen!! gorgeous!! your neighbor is lucky :)

Nicky ...

Incredible story, Amazing Cake!!! You are One very gifted Sugar Artist!! xx

Bliss Pastry ...

This is pure gorgeous!

Laura Loukaides ...

WOW This is Stunning!!
I remember doing some last minute cakes, they always seem to turn out
better than a cake you carefully plan!! haha =D

You’ve done such an incredible job on this cake, it’s amazing!!
Keep up the good work!!

- Laura x

Joyliciouscakes ...

Oh WOW!!! Thank you so much on your lovely comments :) Not only my neighbour were lucky, I was very lucky too that you all are liking this cake :) :) Thank you very much!!

Yes Fifi, I couldn’t stop laughing at myself about the yellow painting now but at that moment I almost cried like a baby …lol!!! x

Love you too Calli … xx

That’s quite true Laura! Well, living in Singapore per se….. everything is ofthen LAST MINUTE…lol!! But thanks for the complements :) x

Sammy ...

Love your story! Looks Amazing!!

Ana Remígio - CUPCAKES & DREAMS Portugal ...

Wow!! What a story! Amazing effort painting in the gaps-well done!!!!! LOVE IT!!!! xxx

Amanda’s Little Cake Boutique ...

This is amazing! What a great cake you made in such a short space of time, absolutely incredible! xx

Joyliciouscakes ...

Thank you very much Sammy, Ana and CleverLittleCupcakes :) x

Bakedincakedout ...

Incredible Joyce! You did an amazing job!

Ciccio ...

Beautiful and on such short notice too :-)

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