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Constrictor Boa

This cake was for such a sweet kid turning 9 y/0, Ian, who was absolutely positive that I could make a cake snake that looked like a Red Tailed Constrictor Boa. Such faith in me …and such pressure! LOL

There wasn’t much materials or tutorials online that I could find to make this, but I did have a giant photograph of the snake in its natural habitat which I tried to copy. I also tried to incorporate his name in the scene setting.

The boy freaked out when he saw it… and his momma almost cried … which, I guess was good???! :D

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Bliss Pastry ...

You nailed it I love it!! The story is so funny too!

Karen Seeley ...


Michal Bulla ...

Congrats! Your cake has been chosen as an Editor’s Choice for 8/30/2012.
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Ashley Taylor Wood ...


Cake Creations by Trish ...

Excellent…you nailed it! What pans/techniques did you use?

Ann-Marie Youngblood ...

This is Really Fabulous!!! I mean Ewwww, Real looking! haha

G Sweets ...

Wow!! Thank you for all your wonderful comments! I had nightmares when I was making this cake! LOL I never thought that ewww… and scary.. and freaky .. would be fantastic compliments for a cake. And wow!!! Editor’s choice.. thank you so much, Michal. What an honor. Truly…

Trish… I used 10inch round pans, and just started carving out of that… basically had a photo of the snake and copied that. :) PM me if you need details.

Thanks again!

Callicious Cakes ...

another one of my faves… :) amazing cake, once again you did a great realistic painting job
on it

G Sweets ...

Thanks Calli!

Nada ...

Freakishly good :)

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Constrictor Boa