Vintage lace wedding

Ok So I did a Wedding cake the weekend I moved. We were in such a Fluster that day that I had hubby take a few pics of the wedding cake but forgot to take any of the grooms cake…And Hubby took them so they are dark and far off. But it’s the best I have. Hoping that the Bride will send me better pics from the wedding. Til then here you go! ;)

The Cake this was inspired by was made by Cotton & Crumbs….This cake can’t touch theirs by a long shot but It was fun to try! By the way the cakes Big roses didn’t make it on they didn’t dry out in time and it was 102F that day. So I chose to leave them off!

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Raewyn Read Cake Design ...

It’s lovely Ann Marie! I can’t believe you managed to move AND make a beautiful cake!!! All I would have done was make a mess lol :) xxx

Toni (White Crafty Cakes) ...

I think it looks perfect, even without the big roses that didn’t dry in time!

Tiffany Palmer ...

Love this cake, especially the bow! <3

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Sweet Treasures (Ann) ...

What a gorgeous cake!!! Nicely done Ann Maries;) x

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Vintage lace wedding