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Liz Marek

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I love making cakes, sharing techniques and buying cake crack :-D

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LMF Fondant Tutorial

How to make my marshmallow fondant (fondly named LMF by it’s fans) This fondant works like the expensive stuff (tastes amazing) but only costs a fraction of the price and you can use it immediately. You can roll it out very thin with no tearing...



Bubba's cakes ...

Brilliant x

Lisa Templeton ...

Your such an inspiration! I have enjoyed following you on flickr and facebook. You were amazing and now somehow… you just get better and better! Your one clever cookie! Your Career is going through the stratosphere!!! Keep up the inspiring work! You Gorgeous Woman!

Beata Khoo ...

Love your work Elizabeth and you are just an inspiration to everyone ;) xxx
The Dragon on my picture is down to you and Jenniffer – you both helped me with ideas how to do it, thank you ;)))