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Location: Thurston County, WA



Callicious Cakes ...

You are one amazing talented artist!!! wow, I love your painting skills!! fabulous talent you have and fantastic design concepts!!! what an inspiration you are!

SugarMagicCakes (Christine) ...

Congratulations on winning the quarterly awards, well done and well done to your husband! xx

Cakemummy ...

Congrats for winning first prize ! May I suggest you give your hubby the apron and you spend the winnings, lol.
Get him to do some more masterpeices, I said you are a brilliant cake couple! :-)

Cosette ...

Thank you so much! I consider myself very lucky that my husband enjoys using his talents to my advantage ;)
cakemummy – fantastic idea! :)

BeverleyWayDesigns ...

Love your styles and designs! Just wonderful!