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Location: Sofia, Bulgaria

I started making cakes in 2011. This activity has become my favorite hobby. My profession is a serious and tense / I'm funereal agent/. Take a rest as make cakes.
/ Excuse me for the English! I use Google translator! :) /



Fifi's Cakes ...

Your work is excellent!

Marina Danovska ...

Thank you very much, FifiCakes!!!

silina ...

?? ?? ? ??????
I dont’t know if it well written, but… Amazing work!!

Marina Danovska ...

Beautiful words, Silina! Thank you very much! :)

allwaysjulez ...

Wow, you have some wonderful cakes… didn’t see your “playing in the snow” cake, till it made top 15. The rest of your cakes are just as great! Julez!

Marina Danovska ...

Oh Julez, thank you so much for the wonderful words! I’m really happy you like my cakes!