CakesDecor Theme: Chalkboard Cakes & Cookies

Chalkboard, currently one of my personal favourite wedding cake designs! They’re just SO effective! Not only does this effect look great on cakes, but it also looks fantastic on cookies! I just love how a simple effect can be transformed into a...

David Austin Rose my way (Easy, Quick and inexpensive, using mostly 2 round cutters)

For complete PDF copy of my tutorial go to my facebook page . Thank you https://www.facebook.com/pages/Heavenlycakes4you-by-Gulnaz-Mitchell/113619242162187

White Modelling Chocolate

Here’s how I make my White Modelling Chocolate – Simple and Easy.

Tutorial #6: Candle Cake

Wireframed Figurine Tutorial

Building figurines with a wireframe skeleton allows for more dynamic poses and positioning. I like to use a thick, flexible aluminium wire which is easily available in craft stores. First, bend the wire into a basic proportioned shape, winding...

Ganaching and Covering a Square Cake tutorial

Preparing and Covering a Square Cake To Ganache: 1. Layer cake with ganache and affix to baseboard with ganache. 2. Affix baseboard to workboard with ganache. 3. Trim cake so there is a 3 -5mm space between the cake and the edge of the...

Upside Down Ganaching Method for a round cake

Another method for ganaching round cakes based on the Upside Down Buttercream method. This method removes the need for a ganaching “lid” or board the same size as the baseboard – It can be extremely difficult to find two boards exactly the same...