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CakesDecor Theme: Birds & Bird Cakes

Hi Everyone! This week’s theme is ‘Birds and Bird Cakes’. I’ve always thought that these cakes come across as being very popular, and it’s not difficult to see why! In this collection, we can see some beautiful examples of painted birds and...

Sugar Artists for Autism #4: Sugar Art for Autism! - The Collaboration... #SugarArt4Autism #ArtMeetsAutism #AwarenessIsAcceptance

CakesDecor theme: Wedding Cakes - Part 24

Hi Everyone! This week it’s time for us to look at the gorgeous theme of Wedding Cakes! There were many stunning cakes posted to the site in March, all of which used the most gorgeous colours and designs. I hope you all enjoy looking at...

CakesDecor Theme: Valentine Cakes

It’s an extra special blog today… Happy Valentine’s day Everyone!! Over the last couple of weeks we’ve had some stunning and beautiful Valentine’s cakes that have been posted – all are full of love and romance. I loved putting these cakes...

"Cinderella complete pictorial" #1: N°1/33: the Dress

Hi everyone! !!! I’m very proud to introduce you my brand new COMPLETE PICTORIAL of “Cinderella”! It’ll guide you through the the making of this amazingly elegant princess from head to toe, with tones of detailed pictures ♡♡♡Hope you...

"Cinderella complete pictorial" #5: N°92/114: FACE (first part)

"Cinderella complete pictorial" #4: N°63/91: arms, hands, dress details

"Cinderella complete pictorial" #2: N°34/46: upper body

"Cinderella complete pictorial" #6: N°115/142: FACE (second part)

Cakes against Violence

I would just like to say congrats to all the creators of this meaningful Collaboration, inspired after the tragic attacks in Paris… This Collaboration has touched me and the poignant interpretations behind the designs. In a world fraught with...