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How to make Darth Vader from "Star Wars" cake topper out of fondant

Hi Sweesties! Finally after 30 years the 7th movie of Star Wars is coming out! To celebrate I made Darth Vader as a cake topper! Hope you like it as much as I do you! Enjoy ;)

Halloween treats and ideas! #9: Pumpkin bobble head topper: Youtube Collaboration

How to make a pumpkin monster cake topper for Halloween, part of the Halloween YouTube collab :) If you like the videos, please subscribe for more content ( it’s free! ) and be sure to share the videos with your friends.


Items Needed: Fondant Rolling Pin Fondant Smoother Cornstarch / Powdered Sugar Cardstock Paper of Your Choice. Make sure it’s embossed. Roll out your fondant about 1/8” thick. Roll out to # 2 if you are using a pasta roller. Apply a...

Hand Painted Riverbank

I can never include as much detail as I’d like to be able to, so this is quite basic, but I am very happy to answer any questions :) You can view the cake in full here:

Chocolate Golden Retriever

A basic guide to structuring and sculpting a golden retriever.

Cake Pricing-The Way a Honey Bunny Would do it.

Many of us have trouble pricing cakes and there are so many thoughts and opinions to why we should or shouldn’t talk cake pricing. I have read the blogs and watched almost every youtube and periscope video regarding this subject. The conclusion...

Cut-Outs: Favourite Technique!

They are relatively new to me, but I have completely fallen in love with making sugarpaste cut-outs. They are fiddly and time consuming, but I find making them really therapeutic, and I think they are brilliant effective on cakes. I started...

Exclusive Preview - Penny Dreadful Cake Collab

Hi all I was blessed enough to be invited to participate in an amazing cake collab, the Penny Dreadful collab, due to fully reveal on October 1st. For now 5 pieces have been released as part of a preview, and you can see photos, inspiration...

Edible Crayons

So many of you asked which mould I used to make my sugarpaste crayons that I thought I’d pull a quick tutorial together for you. I didn’t use a mould – there’s really no need to. They are super quick and easy to hand roll. Use a cake smooth to...

Veined Wafer Paper Rose Leaves

Working with Wafer Paper just grabbed me since I took lessons in a work shop by Stevi Auble who taught a beautiful open rose. But I was not totally happy with the leaves, so I started an attempt to give them a more natural appearance by...