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Three ways to make lilac

Buildup/ Progress photos of Poker King cake

I have some progress pics of the buildup of my Poker King cake which I thought may be of interest. Hope they are of help to someone!! The King is full cake, face is modelling choc, the rest fondant. Hand painted and airbrushed :D ...

Eiffel tower

it is from Smartflex velvet

Cake International - Birmingham 2014

Okay, who else saw the biggest collection of talent last week at Cake International? My goodness, I have never seen SO many INCREDIBLE cakes all in one place before!! I was completely blown away by the work on display at this years show, never...

Camping Cake Tutorial

I made this cake last year for my cousin’s birthday. Hope you enjoy it Click play to watch my tutorial More tutorials coming soon please like me on facebook and "subscribe on youtube ": ...

Peony Flower from $2 homemade cutters...who said you need expensive equipment ;-)

Wanted to do a Peony without having to purchase expensive cutter, if you have a peony set you can use them for this but the larger cutter makes for a bigger Peony so you may want to use your cutter for the 4 smallest petals then use the largest...

Leopard print inside cake

Okay I fell in love with the inside of a cake that was floating around facebook. It was a picture of a cake that had leopard print on the inside. I just had to try to make it immediately!. So this is how I did it..Simple simple! A larger image...