Cake Creations by ME - Mayra Estrada

Cake Creations by ME - Mayra Estrada

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Easy feathers

Blaze mega machine tutorial


Chocolate Golden Retriever

A basic guide to structuring and sculpting a golden retriever.

Hand Painted Riverbank

I can never include as much detail as I’d like to be able to, so this is quite basic, but I am very happy to answer any questions :) You can view the cake in full here:

Hand Painting

I remember being utterly terrified the first time I painted a cake! I’d been asked for an animal print cake and the customer had sent me an image that was clearly painted! Luckily for me my friend Liz (time for tiffin) had done one so she talked...

Edible Armchair

It’s not exactly an everyday thing to make, but you never know, you might need it one day! Here’s the cake I used it on: Thanks for looking :) x

Royal Icing Chains

Loved doing this technique of the royal icing piped chains, I did lately on the Kratos chocolate model figure. This can also be used for models earrings. You need lot of patience and a steady hand ;o) here’s also a short video while doing...

Modelling technique - Favorite technique

One of my fave technique is modelling. You can see almost my creation always involved modelling technique. Here is one example and tutorial of the modelling technique that i posted long time ago and it still my fave piece to make Hatsune Miku :)...

Airbrushing....a fave technique!

Hi I thought I’d share my thoughts on airbrushing, whilst still quite a novice I’ve loved my experiences of using it so far and it’s definitely a skill I’d love to develop. I have a dinky doodle airbrush. I really like their colours, I started...

Sugar Quilling Technique- favorite technique challenge +tutorial

One of my favorite techniques for cake decorating is to use use Sugar Quilling: sugar quilling uses thin strips or fondant or gumpaste which are quilled into decorations. I recently used this technique to create a Christmas inspired cake, but I...