Sugar Flowers #6: How to make Life-like Sugar Leaf

I finally got around to fiddling with my foliage a bit, trying to improve on my a little. I find making foliage super boring but I’m pleased with the results, so glad I’d tried. Hope you find this vid useful, thanks for watching!

How to apply Edible Silver Leaf to a Cake

This is one of my older tutorials, so, I guess, I do a fair deal of mumbling and humming, but it’s been popular enough, so I thought why not post it here! Thanks for watching

Painting Showstopper Silver Cake: TUTORIAL

Another last from the past, making edible silver paint and painting your cake, nice and easy

Cake TUTORIALS in RUSSIAN: #2: Как Рисовать на Торте: Разговор о Технике

Русская версия недавнего видео ( The Russian VoiceOver of the recent vid I posted, discussing some techniques of painting cakes) Спасибо за просмотр!

Making Photo Backgrounds #1: Wooden Backdrop, NO Nails, Cheap and Quick

…This one is great for medium still life in small spaces e.g. sugar flowers or cakes ( excluding huge cakes, perhaps!)

PAINTED CAKES and Sugar Flowers #6: Watercolour effect, TUTORIAL

Hi everyone, most of my cake posts here are tip demos, but this one actually a tutorial, where I talk through some of the easy techniques I tend to use over and over again with my edible watercolour ambitions. So, discussing about 5 elements and...

Sugar Flowers #5: Modern Foliage, FERN

4 th of July Top Hat Cake Tutorial ( American Independence Day )

4 th of July Top Hat Cake

Cake TUTORIALS in RUSSIAN: #1: Как Рисовать на Торте, Aкварельный эффект: Пеон

Please remove is non-English tuts are not allowed :)

PAINTED CAKES and Sugar Flowers #5: 'Watercolour' effect on Buttercream ( Drip Cake )

Hello everyone. I’m going to put few tutorials from last year on here. This is the first one. Watercolour effect on buttercream, easy to do, give it a go before the whole ‘drop cake’ thing goes out of fashion! Thanks for watching!