Sugar Flowers #15: Maggie Austin's Copycat Rose Tutorial This is my attempt at making the beautiful and unique Maggie Austin’s Rose. She has very generously given me permission to make this tutorial.

Sugar Flowers #14: Gumpaste Rose Tutorial 'Spiral' Finish

I have here ‘spiral’ rose demo ( is that even the name for that particular design?), if I get enough views on it, I will be making a full on spiral rose tut; the demo is in gum paste

Sugar Flowers #13: Ivy Foliage Tutorial, No Mystery, Just Beautiful Modern Foliage (My channel with weekly flower tutorials) This Ivy tutorial is in Polymer Clay using Gum Paste techniques. This foliage is time consuming to make in this finish, (not if you simplify...

Sugar Flowers #12: How to Use Cutters and Veiners you Have for Some New Flowers and Foliage, 5 Tips... Hope someone finds it useful, or even gets the idea that it can be done, as I used to buy everything specifically for absolute ages! The foliage on the thumbnail is in Cold Porcelain

Sugar Flowers #11: DAHLIA Flower video TUTORIAL

Welcome Autumn, this is a tutorial on a variety of Dahlia, in Cold Porcelain covering gum paste techniques and differences as well.

Sugar Flowers #10: Lady's Slipper Orchid TUTORIAL (in Gumpaste)

I’m very pleased to have tried making this unusual Orchid , it’s been fun, scroll down to see a tutorial on it!

Sugarcraft: Materials , Techniques etc #5: Cold Porcelain Recipe in RUSSIAN ( scroll down for ENGLISH edit posted below) I got few people asking me to translate the my English vid with simple Cold Porcelain recipe, using UK ingredients so I just did , and posting it here too, in case someone finds it useful, (sorry not sure if I’m...

Sugar Flowers #9: Icelandic Poppy Tutorial SUGAR / COLD PORCELAIN

Hello everyone, hold on there, you wedding cake makers, tomorrow is a day off, a chill day for you finally, it’s just around the corner now :) This one was an experimental flower for me, not particularly main stream, but I wish it was as it’s...

Cupcakes & Cakes: General #4: How to Make Good Looking Bird Cage Cupcakes

Another one of my older videos.

Sugarcraft: Materials , Techniques etc #4: Cold Porcelain Recipe

This recipe is’t mine, but it pretty much reflects most of what’s out there for basic Cold Porcelain. I did my own vid as I wanted to try out easy to find UK ingredients and add ‘troubleshooting’ bit at the end. The result is consistent and CP...