Dog cupcakes #5: Pug cupcake picture tutorial

Sleeping baby tutorial

This is a step by step tutorial containing about 80 photos ...

Tatti Tedi tutorial

This is a quick Tatti Tedi tutorial and me testing uploading photos :) hope you like x

Pine cones

since doing my season’s cake’s i have had a few people ask how i did the pine cone’s, now im no proffesional ive had no lesson’s i tend to make stuff up as i go along so this is’nt perfect by any means but i hope it helps someone else i like to...

Christmas cookies with fondant

This Christmas cookies can be both eaten and used as Christmas tree decorations. Here’s what you need cold shortcrust pastry mini cookies plunger cutters rolling pin with rings of two sizes silicone baking sheet or parchment...

Halloween cupcake topper

A very simple cupcake tutorial for Halloween, I’m using only pictures hoping they speak for themselves. Thanks for looking, I hope you’ll find it useful.


So, more or less the same as the previous tutorial, a very simple cupcake tutorial, I’m using only pictures for this one too, hope they all speak for themselves. Hope you find it useful. If you have any questions, as I said before, I’m always...