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When I am making my cake toppers I am still getting cracking on them I am using 50 50 flower paste and 50 gum paste,, I have tried useing just gum paste but still I am having problems. I leave them to dry at room tempriture they start of ok...

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Could you help me? I am trying to post photo of one of my cakes on site but it keeps showing my photo upside down, it shows the cake in small photo as right but when I up load it turns up side down. Help Babes.

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Help with my cupcakes

Could any one help me please I have have just made a batch of cupcakes but my problem is the cupcake cases keep coming away from the cupcakes which makes it very difficult for me to decorate them with flooding cing. I have tried different cup...

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Could you help me please.

I am looking to buy some cake equipment and decoration as I live in Spain we are very limited I was thinking of buying my Supplies from the USA could any one recommend a good company and would you know if I would have to pay import tax....