Zee Chik Designs


Zee Chik Designs

Aug 2015 54 London

My name is Zee Chik and my Facebook page is Zee Chik Designs - www.facebook.com/zeechik. I trained as an architect and also have experience in designing ladies clothing. I have been making cakes for many years and started competing in 2012 - since then I have achieved 2 Silver awards and 2 Gold awards at Cake International, one of which was also placed 3rd. In 2014 I joined a group of amazing cake artists in making the largest cake sculpture to date for charity, and the cake was confirmed as a Guinness World Record. I specialize in making 3D structure cakes and designing new products, and have my own range of silicone moulds for cakes and sugar work.

-- Zee Chik


Jackie - The Cupcake Princess

Amazing work. Very impressive artistry skills.

Iwona Sobejko

Amazing cakes,It’s my pleasure to follow you.