June 2012 I will have been married to the same wonderful man and my best friend for 34 years. Our 1st child (son) was born developmentally disabled (which is a story in itself) & will be 30 yrs. old in September 2012. Whew!! I feel really old now. Our 2nd child (daughter) was born nearly 10 yrs after our son. She'll be 21 in May 2012. In 2008 she was diagnosed with Chiari 1 Malformation, Syringomyelia & Tethered Cord Syndrome. That same yr. she had 2 brain surgeries (1st in FL & the 2nd in NY) and 1 spinal surgery (in NY). She still suffers nonstop pain but does her best not to give in to it. However, it has changed her life as well as the plans she had for her future. She has limitations now that she didn't have before.

All of the events with our daughter came on the heels of my husband finishing up a yr's worth of treatments and 2 surgeries for bladder cancer.

Please don't be discouraged by reading this as I can't begin to tell you how terribly blessed we are and have been by the Lord. He is our strength and our joy. There have been tough times but He has always seen us through.

I'm not a professional cake decorator. It's more like therapy for me. I've always had a creative side (as do so many) and this gives me an outlet for that creativity. I just get lost in it and love it. If, though, I had to make a living at it I'd probably starve. :)