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My name is Phyllis Leung from Hong Kong. I started baking the first cake in my kitchen in 2003 when there was terrible SARS outbreak in Hong Kong that kept me at home most of the time. As requested by my son, I began making decoration on his birthday cakes, and then for my friends' & friends'. As encouraged and supported by a very good friend of mine, I started my Sweetie Swans Confectionery workshop in 2014.
It is never easy for one brain and two hands to finish a cake from design to making, and finally packed. My husband Rarteo Lo has helped me in various aspect to make the whole process smooth and become possible.

-- Phyllis & Rarteo @ Sweetie Swans

Thanks for the follow, Phyllis! I love your cakes and am following you too!

-- Sugar Sugar by SSmiley

Thanks for following us, we are new here and your support is encouraging.
Your cakes are inspirational.

-- Phyllis & Rarteo @ Sweetie Swans

Thank you so much for the follow 😙😚. I love your all work….simply awesome 🖒.
Now I am following you…☺

-- Shorna

Thank you Shorna, I am following you too : ) You have a lot of design work, just lovely.

-- Phyllis & Rarteo @ Sweetie Swans