I'm a self-taught cake decorator that has been playing with cake since I was a little girl, I recently took interest in cake decoratoring in October 2011 and I am continuously working on building my cake craft. Cake to me is an art and just the thought, of delivering something so beautiful to someone's special occasion excites me. I truly have a passion for cakes and I searched high and low to find something that I was great at and I finally found it.. Cakes!! I work full time, I'm a wife and a mom of 4 beautiful kids as well as doing cakes on the side. I have a lot on my plate but I still manage to it but my ultimate dream/ goal is to own a cake shop of my own, where I can share my creations with a wider audience and to also establish employment for my family in need. I absolutely love decorating cakes! I look forward to learning the different techniques out there in the cake world. I truly believe knowledge is power and knowledge in the cake world is never ending.

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