Not that long ago - about 8 months to be exact, I decided to take up cake decorating - after being inspired by some talented people on you tube... I then decided that as I could not afford lessons, that instead would do something pretty extreme - I created a page on facebook and basically said, that I would take on any request no matter what the subject!! I realise that it may have been foolish of me, but it's one hobby that you can't learn unless you have a cake to make!!! So thought, at least this way, I get to learn as I go!!!! Some have said I'm crazy, others have said worse ha!!!, but here are a few of my latest creations. I am self-taught (sorry I actually should say, I'm currently self-teachin - I have so much more to learn)!!! I really hope you like what I have done so far. If you are interested in taking that leap into cake decorting but don't feel you have what it takes....Pleeeaaassse give it a try! - I have and I'm enjoying the challenge. Let your creative juices flow and just do it!! (check out my facebook page, Sugar 'n' Spiced - to follow my journey into caking!!

'Believe.....Anything's possible'