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Hi, you were wanting an idea how much to charge for a cake. I do cakes as a hobby and what I do is calculate how much it has cost me to make the cake ( ingredients, electricity etc) then I times this by 2.5 this is what I charge. Then if there is a lot of time spent on fiddlely figures , flowered etc I add on extra for the time spent doing these. I don’t know what the proffessionals charge, but this is what I do. Hope this helps. Kath. :-)

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you are so talented!! If you get a facebook page with your cakes, please let me know… gorgeous modelling!!

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Your cakes are amazing, new follow from me

Lyn (Nanna Lyn Cakes) xx

Your modelling skills are over the top!!!New follow

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Hi Smita!! Lovely cakes!!

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