Orchids - Cake by Anka
Linda's Coffee Machine - Cake by Caroline Nagorcka
Baby shower cake - Cake by Anka
Regency Elegance - Cake by TiersandTiaras
Little Owls - Cake by TiersandTiaras
Summer Rose Garden - Cake by TiersandTiaras
Farm Cake - Cake by My Sweet Art
Pink Ruffles and White Gardenia's Wedding Cake - Cake by Sweet and Swanky Cakes ~ Sonja McLean
My Tardis - Cake by Caroline Nagorcka
Toadstool Cake - Cake by Serdar Yener | Yeners Way - Cake Art Tutorials
Clumsy and Smurfette 3D cakes - Cake by Dorothy Klerck
Apple Computer Cake - Cake by Sweet and Swanky Cakes ~ Sonja McLean
Abstract flowers  - Cake by Time for Tiffin
Smurf house - Cake by Anka
Gothic cake - Cake by Tamara
Maleficent - Cake by Teresa Insero
Rainbow ricepaper butterfly cake - Cake by Mond vol taart
Mermaid  - Cake by Time for Tiffin
Maleficent sugar paste - Cake by Teresa Insero
Wedding Cake for Qrtly Awards - Cake by Chris Jones
Rustic Country Side Birthday Cake - Cake by Beau Petit Cupcakes (Candace Chand)
Replica Skateboard Cake by The Honeybee Cakery - Cake by The Honey Bee Cakery
Ben's Color Tree - Cake by Shawna McGreevy
Frozen Castle - Cake by Caroline Nagorcka