Cupcake Cottage - Rachel


Cupcake Cottage - Rachel

Oct 2012 13 Barmouth, North Wales

My passion for cakes began with a cupcake recipe book at Christmas from my Mum..
It's been a very busy year since then.

I have been in shock over how nice people are about my cakes and i'm just so glad i've been given a chance with such a fantastic hobby.

I love baking, i work in a stressful environment in the day so baking for me is my chill out time, there is the odd stressful cake occasion mind!

I don't take compliments well, i get quite shy when people compliment me on my cakes and i think i'm still coming to terms with the fact that i'm good at something..
We'll see.
I'll of been baking a year in December 2012 so it's still early days :)

-- Rach - Cupcake Cottage, Barmouth