Sue Deeble

Hi Tara, what an unpleasant situation – and unfortunately part of business. I find 99% of people are great but there is always one that will be difficult. I have made cakes for 20+ years and have learned to stick to my pricing, terms and conditions. In your case, it’s definitely been knocked by the damage that is visible on the back. You are right to withhold your funds. Going forward make sure to have strict terms and conditions noted on your website or on a document they sign and don’t compromise on your price. If they are not prepared to pay what you are worth for you time/effort and materials I would not be taking them on as a client.
All the very best in the future

Sandra Smiley

I am a hobby baker, so not dependent upon cakes for a livelihood. If someone started out by complaining about my price, I would shut down negotiations right then and there. It would go no further and if she ever called again, I would tell her I was completely booked. This was an accident just waiting to happen.

You were more than generous and extremely patient and should definitely not have offered any refund. Unfortunately, nothing you can do about the hateful comments except delete them from your page.


Amen to ALL that, Sandra!!!