Unusual cakes for you

Thanks Calli and Rae, I would have loved to be there. Would love to meet you all yourself included Rae and Calli. Such amazing ladies and amazing talent.


Wow I don’t know who to be more Jealous of Calli or La Belle Aurore , you’re all welcome to visit NZ anytime
:-)…..hint hint


Fantastic. ?


Wow, amazing talents meeting like this, how wonderful!!! Thanks Rae and Calli for sharing!

Calli Creations

Thanks Rae, I had such an amazing afternoon with these lovely talented ladies, I know they are going to go far in their growing business as they’re talent is immense!

La Belle Aurore

thank’s for everything!!!It’s a nice surprise..
Has been nice to share our passion with her!!

Calli Creations

hugs ladies!!!