Q&A: cake titles and contributers' names

Just wondering if I am the only one who finds the placement of the cake title and the contributers’ names (one above the cake pic and one below) confusing.
I think that it would be easier to understand what belongs to whom if the two were written near each other.

The Garden Baker


I might be missing something here but cake author and title are displayed together – either above the cake pic on mobile version or next to the cake pic on the desktop.

[edit] you probably mean on the cakes grid right?

Martin, Maker of CakesDecor

I’ll try to explain.
On the main cake picture page where all the new cakes are, the author’s name is above the photo and the name of the cake is below the photo. That’s how I see it on my home computer. So when one goes down a line or two it appears that the author is that of a cake that isn’t hers / his. The title and the name on my computer are always separated by the cake photo. Since I am used to a name being under a photo or at least next to the title I often think that someone has suddenly changed their style … and that isn’t the case at all.

The Garden Baker