Q&A: How do you store gum paste flowers?

I like to make gum paste flowers to have on hand for quick decorating. My china cabinet will only hold so many! Do you have any suggestions?

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I remember when I worked in a bakery in Texas, more than 10 years ago, we will make tons of flowers, let them dry thoroughly and put them on plastic containers. Since we had sooooo many flowers, we will sort them and classify them alphabetically. The containers were small, like the size of a shoe box, see trough and with a fitting lid. depending of the flower, we will arrange in single or multiple layers using soft foam. We had a huge shelf in the back of the store that was always kept clean and neatly organized. The boxes were properly labeled and the system worked really well. The containers you pick must: be rigid and keep the flowers away from direct light, any source of heat, moisture, bugs, dirt… and hungry kiddos in my case…cats and wild fairies in yours! It doesn’t take much space to set up a plastic shelf in the back of a spare corner and keep your flowers organized and ready to go!…Hope this tip help you and others Sandra. A big hug from NJ. Reggis

I don’t make that many gumpaste flowers. But actually making several varieties, when you’re in the mood, dry and store is a good idea. When I was attending my cake club, we had a couple of professional decorator members + our host. One of the pros would make a ton of gumpaste flowers. She stored them in a large Rubbermaid containers. Used styrofoam egg crate foam and styrofoam peanuts. She stored in a upstairs bedroom closet.

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I rab them in plastic and store in a clean closet i love to make gumpaste flowers


Thanks so much, Hend! I will give that a try. You not only love making gum paste flowers, you do it very well!

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