Q&A: Fondant sticking

I have tried to make camouflage fondant icing to cover a cake today but it kept sticking to the mat I was rolling it on and I had plenty of icing sugar under it. Any ideas why this happened and what I need to do to stop it next time? Thanks



Depending upon where you are in the world, it could have been caused by humidity. A lot of color added to fondant can also make it sticky, if it has not set up for a few hours or overnight.

I prefer to lightly grease my rolling surface with shortening (Crisco, Trex), then wipe off any excess with a paper towel. This works particularly well if you are using a silicon mat which can be picked up to position the fondant on the cake.

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I don’t use icing sugar when rolling out fondant. Like Sandra posted, I use a silicone mat, which is very lightly coated with shortening….Crisco (USA/Canada) Trex (Uk). Not sure what it is called where you reside. The beauty of the silicone mat, is you can lift the whole mat and place directly over your well chilled cake. If it’s extremely humid and you don’t have air conditioning, I would use cornstarch/cornflower to roll out. As cornstarch doesn’t add anymore sweetness, and it’s much easier to work with. After rolling out I usually let the fondant sit for 10-15 minutes before placing on the cake.

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Try using a mixture of icing sugar and corn starch or corn flour. Sometimes the icing sugar adds moisture to the fondant…where corn starch or corn flour will help alleviate excess moisture.