Q&A: Which airbrush to choose for beginners?

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Hello everyone!

I’m Aurélie and I love cake decorating. I would like to buy my first airbrush and I’m totally lost on which one to choose. I’m not a professionnal as I’m making ~2 cakes per month so I don’t need a professionnal one. I have a budget of 150€ max and I live in France so if it could be shippable in France. I saw that there were so kits such as Carrie’s Brown and Dinkydoodle Designs. Does anyone ever used one of those?

Thank you very much for your help and your advises.
Happy cake decorating!

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I just bought a portable airbrush. It’s perfect as a beginner airbrush and for someone like me that doesn’t do that many cakes. It would be approx €44 for you. I’m in Canada, and wondering if the shipping would be to exorbitant for you. The site ships worldwide. You can certainly take a look, and inquire about shipping. Here is the link. https://learntocake.com/shop/cordless-airbrush-cordless-airbrush/

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I have never used the Dinkydoodle, but have heard lots of good things about it and would be my recommendation for a first time user.

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Hello Aurelie: Im Luis from www.dulcesilvita.com and I teach how to paint with airbrush. The most important part is the power of the compressor. Would be good if you can try one in a store to see how strong is the airflow. Has to be doble action airbrush so you can control airflow and amaunt of color. Once you try airbrush you cant stop, you can use in cookies, cupcakes, cream, fondant, chocolate. If you have more questions, let me know, but you have to be patient with my english. Regards from Spain. Luis.