Hi I am Priscilla.
I'm 32 years old and from Amsterdam Holland.
The very first cake I made was about two years ago.
My little niece was about to celebrate her 4th birthday, I saw someone make a beautiful cake and thought I can do that to.
Off course my sister in law thought I couldn't, but I was convinced I could.
That being said I asked my niece what kind of birthday cake she wanted.
It turned out she wanted a my little pony cake.
So I made a very good first cake with my little pony toys so she can play with them and I also made a Barbie cake.

After a few cakes I wanted to do more than just cakes, so I started to make cupcakes, cream truffles, macarons, meringue, stall cops and many more.


Hi Priscilla! Nice cakes!

il mondo di ielle

Hi priscilla… Lovely cakes

Hermosos pasteles!!!

Tortas artesanales decoradas con mucho amor!