Duygu Tugcu


🖤Kitchen Artist Association President
🖤Pastry Instructor Chef
🖤Gives sugarpaste courses in Turkey and all around the world
🖤Gives seminars all around Turkey
🖤TAFED National Culinary Team Captain
🖤Pastry Instructor Chef at Istinye University
Kitchen Artist Association President
🖤Tv Programmer
.Lives in a Fantasy World.
💀Loves making Gothic stuff,3D Cakes
⭐️instagram: www.instagram.com/chefduygutugcu
⭐️Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/chefduygutugcu
⭐️Youtube: www.youtube.com/c/DuyguTugcuchef

E-mail: chefduygutugcu@gmail.com


*Villeroy & Boch Culinary World Cup 2014 (Luxembourg) – Category D2- 1 Gold, 4 Silver madalya- 1 Bronze
*Croatia - Biser Mora Pearl of the Sea 2015– Category D2- 2 Golds
*Greece - International Culinary Championship 2015- Category D2- 3 Golds
*Altinkepçe International Culinary Competition 2015- Category D2- 3 Golds
* Croatia – Medunarodni Kulinarski Festival- 2016– Category D2- 2 Golds
*IKA- Culinary Olympics 2016- 1 Gold ,2 Silvers
*Greece - International Southern Europe Culinary Competition 2017- Category D2- 2 Golds
**Villeroy & Boch Culinary World Cup 2018 (Luxembourg) – Category D2 -Gold Medal

Judging Experience

* Zeytinburnu Mehmet İhsan Mermerci Hospitality and Technical High School-Istanbul - 2015
* Cake Show 2015 / Istanbul
* Sakarya Belediyesi - Sigep- Pastry Competition -2015
* Bakirkoy Pastry Competition- 2015
* Universiade Culinary Championship/ Kusadasi- 2016
* Ege Sefler Şampiyonası- Juri Üyesi / Kusadasi - 2016
* Marmaris Turizm Sympozium Competition / Marmaris
* EDT EXPO- 4. Gastrobosphorus Patisserie Competition
* Istanbul Culinary Cup /Istanbul 2016
* Symrna Chocolate Festival / İzmir 2017
* Bolu International Culinary Championship / Bolu
* Master of Cakes / Samsun
* East European Culinary cup 2017 / Romania


Sakarya University- Seminar
* Beykent University- Seminar
* Özyeğin University- Seminar -Gastronomi Sympozium – Chef’s Panel
* Marmaris Turizm Sympozium- Seminar
* Bakırköy Technical High School for culinary students- Seminar
* Yıldız Teknik University- Seminar
* Adnan Menderes University- Seminar
* Kavram Technical High School - Seminar
* İhsan Mermerci Technical High School -Seminar
* Maltepe University- Seminar

-- Chef Duygu Tugcu


Duygu Tugcu

Let them eat CAKE!

Calli Creations

Welcome to Cakes Decor!! Wow, I LOVE your creations… stunning edible art!! Very talented artist


You are a great artist!I do not understand how you not were always in the top 3 or editors choice.Each work of yours deserves to be on top.Once again I say: I do not know how to people vote here ?!I expressed my dissatisfaction in a forum topic and I received some messages that I have grieved so much…(http://cakesdecor.com/topics/3595-maybe-i-m-wrong)
I canceled my account but seeing other messages gave me right ,I ‘m back.
I saw that you have not posted to a long time the cakes and I think you’re disappointed.Post again,do not give up!Your works are amazing!Good luck !!!