How did I get interested in cake ?
Hmmmm....well, there are a few different paths that led me here.
I have always enjoyed baking...I believe that came from my great grandmother on my mom's side. She catered out of her home and made beautiful amazing wedding cakes in a tiny little kitchen in her little home. I seem to be following her footsteps as I make my cakes in my tiny little kitchen, then do all of my decorating and stacking and finishing on my huge dining room table that my grandfather made, oh more than 70 years ago.
I really got into "caking" when my kids were little. I always wanted them to have a great birthday cake to celebrate the most important days of my life. I just really wanted them to know that I would always go all out for them because they are truly the loves of my life.
The older they got, the more challenging the design, so I needed to find different directions. That's where the interest in fondant and gum paste came to play.
I try to make each cake unique to the person for whom I am making it.
I do just love what I do, and I simply make cake! How great is that!?!


Thanks for the follow Pamela, hugs, Selma :)

Selma S. ~ Little Apple Cakes

All your cakes looks soo amazing! Keep up the wonderful work!

Love, all the way from Sri Lanka!

Magical cakes for your lifetime Moment!

All your cakes are beautiful so well done

Hello! Its finally nice to meet you here. I’m looking forward to see your beautiful cakes. And thank you for giving me tips and links. ;)

Thank you ladies!!!
Anytime I can help! Absolutely do not hesitate to ask! If I don’t know the answer I will help you find it! :)

Following you back! 😊

Mama Cakes ph

thanks, Sharon!! I’m on and off of here…I think the last time I posted was 6 months ago!!