I started cake decorating randomly for my family and then more so for my children and more family then friends.... And my husband decided my cakes were worthy of a website and launched one.

And now I make cakes for people who ask for them :)

It's not a job, or work, its an addiction. It is something I have learnt to live with and will continue to enjoy - oops struggle - with my addiction on a daily basis :)


Hi Nada, thanks for the follow, sending one back your way! Pozz!!

Selma S. ~ Little Apple Cakes

Thanks :). I’m following coz I am loving your cakes :)

Nada :)

Thank you for following! I’m new and it means a lot for me.😊 You are so good in doing this art…

You are most welcome :)

Nada :)

Thank you for the follow, Nada! You do beautiful work and am following you too.

Sugar Sugar by SSmiley