Cake Island

How to make this beautiful cake, step by step """"

Fordite Fondant Effect

New tutorial, how to achieve this beautiful effect with fondant “”

Leather and Embossed Texture with a Plastic Bag

Tutorial to show how to use a Plastic Bag to achieve a Leather Texture and clean and round edges using a plastic bag....

Edible Crystal Quarts Geodes

Learn how to make quartz crystals completely edible and delicious. They do not require molds or isomalt, only clear candies.

Flowers #1: Mini Gelatin Flowers

These miniature flores are 1 inch size, perfect for bouquets and easy to do “”

How to make a Gelatin Flower: Chrysanthemum


Palm Tree Tutorial

Very easy way to make palmtrees without wires. This way works for me because is so easy, it doesn’t need to cut individual leaves and do not requiere wires. Pics for this tutorial in my facebook...