Hello my name is Cianca I have a serious love an addiction to all these cake, cupcakes, sugar craft and Vanilla. I have been baking for many years but only decided to go public in August 2014 since then I have made a variety of cakes and cupcakes and never looked back. I have a page called www.facebook.com/StickyFingersbyMamaGreen I am by no means a top notch professional but I’ll give most things ago.

I have alot to give and lot to learn but I'm a quick learner and love seeing other creations. I hope to achieve big things in 2016 and hope your ready for the ride with me. I joined my first Christmas collaboration in Dec 15 my piece relates to anyone who has ever written a letter to Santa or gets their children to do it. This letter is written by my LO telling Santa all the not so good things she has been up to this year as well as what she would like for Christmas. There are envelopes, letters, presents and a carrot included in my piece. Please do read the letter it’s all readable with clear childlike handwriting.

I had a lot of fun making this piece I particularly loved doing the childlike handwriting making mistakes on purpose.

Hope you like my piece and thank you for all the support.

You can find me on:


Instagram: @mamagreenbakes


you are most welcome it is lovely x