Toy Story Icing Smiles Cake - Cake by Sandra Smiley
Pua - Moana - Cake by Piu Dolce de Antonela Russo
Perla - Cake by Pamela Pastor
Ant Face - Dali in Sugar Collaboration  - Cake by Mnhammy by Sofia Salvador
Dino cake  - Cake by MOLI Cakes
The adventures of Pinocchio  - Cake by AppoBli Belinda Lucidi
The sweetest thing - Cake by Delice
Handpaint Christmas Candle Cake - Cake by Vinita Lobo
Embrace - Under the Sea Collaboration - Cake by Valentina's Sugarland
Masha and the Bear - Cake by La Belle Aurore
may the Force be with YO...DA.. - Cake by Delicate-Lee
Rose cake Girafe - Cake by Ornella Marchal
Shouting Toadstool - Twisted Sugar Artists - Cake by Calli Creations
Kingdom of emotions - Cake by dortUM
Cartoon Wedding Cake - Cake by Little Cherry
Farrier themed Cookies - Cake by Kim Coleman (Sugar Rush Custom Cookies)
Eve, the Elvish Queen - Cake by Karen Keaney
BRUXELLES MA BELLE - Cake by ChokoLate
Bride - Cake by il mondo di ielle
The GPO (General Post Office) burns in Dublin during the Easter Rising 1916 - Cake by Ellen Redmond@Splendor Cakes
Indian Theme Cake ( Gojko Mitic ) - Cake by MLADMAN
Hippo cake  - Cake by pavlo
Storybook Baby Shower Cake - Cake by Sweet Elizabeth Cake Design
Christmas Polar Bear Cub - Cake by Vicki's Incredible Edibles