I am a self taught kake artrist. (spelling cakes with a "k" is my gimmic since my name is Kasey, and people always say thats a klassic kasey move, lol )

I have been kaking for over two years now, and i discovered i loved it in a random spur of the moment decision to make a kake for work one day on the fourth of july. It all took off form there.

I work fulltime, and i am in school part time working on my biz and marketing degree, all while making kakes almost every weekend. Sleep? psssssssssshhhh, whats that!?

I do have an artists background, i used to weld and design furniture, as well as paint. I at least still paint and own a welder, but not welding has been done in a while. maybe someday when i have a kake shop, i will have a lil welding studio to make krazy kake structures with! =D

I am glad to be part of this new cake community and I look forward with interacting with all of you!


Kakes by Klassic