I'm a 26 year old cake artist... I've been designing and decorating cakes since I was 15. I hope to make a living doing what I love and with God's help... I'm sure I can!


Wow, 17 years old! You are really doing tremendous at cake decorating for your age. I’m sure you will end up doing this as a career! Very talented! Love all your cakes! :-)

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Thank you SO very much for your kind words!!.. I try to take as many art classes as I can… being homeschooled really helps with opportunities to take college courses with adults that I normally would’ve missed… Including business classes. I have been blessed with the support I need and the opportunity to pursue my dreams… thanks again for your support!..


Michaela Gilly

Michaela thank you for the follow and the kind words. Did you enter a piece at the show as well?

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Yes… it was the “Burning Love” wedding cake… with the isomalt flames … it was only my second competition. … I came up short… but… what a great experience. .. I’ll be back next year… can’t wait to see what you bring…

Michaela Gilly

Thank you for the follow, Bella! Your work is amazing and I am following you, too!

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Hi Bella! thanks for the follow! following you back! Your pieces are so beautiful!

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Thanks for the follow, you have a new follower to xxx


Thank you for the follow, your cakes are amazing!

Thank you all… I get so excited and inspired by looking at all your amazing cakes!!…

Michaela Gilly