Jelena Brkljac

Hello everyone!
I'm Jelena and I'm a cake designer from Serbia. Passion for cakes was born while I was working in a pastry shop. It has been a few years since I've done my first fondant cake and I believe that there are always new techniques which I haven't tried yet. I'm always trying some new things, new techniques and I'm constantly in a quest for some new courses.

You can check out some of my cakes on my Facebook page: or Instagram oblacak.torte

Have a sweet and lovely day :D

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il mondo di ielle ...

Hi Jelena! Great cakes!

Jelena Brkljac ...

Oh thanks a lot, it’s an honor to receive compliments from someone like you. Your figures are state of the art!

Sandra Smiley ...

Thank you for the follow, Jelena! Love you work and am following you back!